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Terms & Conditions

  1. 1. Organiser
    The “Watsons Candy Catch Contest” Promotion (“Promotion”) is organised by Watson’s Personal Care Store Sdn Bhd (“the Organiser”/ “Watsons”) which will run during the promotion period below or any other duration specified by the Organiser (“Promotion Period”).
    1. 1.1. 3rd September 2018 (from 12:00am) to 9th September 2018 (up to 11:59pm)
  2. 2. Eligibility
    1. 2.1. This Promotion is only open to all Watsons Malaysia customers (“Eligible Participants”) who downloaded Watsons Malaysia Mobile app.
    2. 2.2. Participant must be eligible to participate in this promotion:
    3. 2.3. be 18 years of age and above;
    4. 2.4. this “Promotion” is only accessible through the NEW Watsons Malaysia Mobile App
    5. 2.5. has a Watsons member account which is active throughout the Promotion Period. Active means Watsons member card is activated or registered with contactable member’s details.
  3. 3. Promotion Period
    1. 3.1. 3rd September 2018 (from 12:00am) to 9th September 2018 (up to 11:59pm)
    2. 3.2. The Organizer may at its sole and absolute discretion to extend the promotion’s period at any time without prior notice to any party (‘The Extended Period’). The extended period will be announced at Watsons official website. Any promotions during this Extended Period (if any) shall be governed by these terms and conditions (“Terms and Conditions’) which shall remain in full force and effect.
  4. 4. The Promotion Mechanics
    1. 4.1. How to participate

      Step 1: To participate, Eligible Participants must download and install the new Watsons Malaysia app from Google Play Store or Apple App Store on their Android or iOS device(s) respectively.

      Step 2: Eligible Participants must launch the Watsons Malaysia app, login with their username and password, and select ‘Watsons Candy Catch Contest’ to play the game

      Step 3: Each Eligible Participant will receive one (1) free entry daily. These free entries are not cumulative and do not accumulate through the Contest Period.

    2. 4.2. Promotion prizes
      1. 4.2.1. The available prizes for the Contest are listed as per table below:
        Online merchant Description (value) Prize Quantity Total
        Watsons Malaysia RM99 eVoucher (no min spend) 63 (9 winners daily) 799,842
        RM9 eVoucher (no min spend) 24,310
        RM5 eCoupon (min spend of RM30) 28,305
        RM8 eCoupon (min spend of RM40) 22,880
        RM10 eCoupon (min spend of RM50) 25,025
      2. 4.2.2. All promotional vouchers shall be subject to the terms and conditions of each of the vouchers issued.
      3. 4.2.3. All promotional vouchers that Eligible Participant received can only be used at Watsons Mobile App only.
    3. 4.3. Promotion participant eligibility
      1. 4.3.1. Participants agree that participation in the Watsons Candy Catch Contest Contest (construed as having been granted and utilising a minimum of one (1) entry in the Contest Period) shall be understood as providing explicit agreement and consent to allow any and all personal data obtained via the app or otherwise in the course of the Contest to be collected, processed, and used by Watsons in accordance with Watsons Privacy Notice, which may be viewed on www.watsons.com.my (“Watsons Privacy Notice”).
      2. 4.3.2. “Watsons” reserves the absolute right to substitute or replace any of the prizes with other items of similar values at any time, if the stated prizes are not available due to unforeseen circumstances, without any prior written notice. All prizes are neither transferable nor redeemable for cash.
      3. 4.3.3. The visual of the prizes in www.watsons.com.my or any official promotional materials for this Promotion serve as illustration purposes only.
      4. 4.3.4. All prizes are used/accepted entirely at the risk of the winners at all times and the Organiser excludes all responsibility in connection with any prize to the extent permitted by law.
      5. 4.3.5. All prizes given are on “as is” basis. The title in the prizes and any risk of loss or damage to the prizes is passed to the prize winners upon physical delivery of the prizes to the prize winners. The Organiser, its agencies, affiliates, sponsors and representatives shall not be responsible, obligated or liable for the misuse of any of the prizes, nor for any claims, liability, loss, expenses, costs, theft or damages arising out of or in connection with and/or the prizes associated with this Promotion.
    4. 4.4. All prizes are also subject to the Terms & Conditions.
      1. 4.4.1. The Prize is non-refundable, and non-redeemable for cash or cash equivalent. It must not be sold and may become void if this condition is breached.
      2. 4.4.2. Should any disputes arise, the decision of “Watsons” shall be final.
    5. 4.5. Other Promotion Details & Terms and Conditions
      1. 4.5.1. Watsons’ decisions on any matter relating to this Promotion are final and binding on all participants. If any matters arise which are not covered in these Terms and Conditions, they will be determined solely by Watsons.
      2. 4.5.2. Watsons may change any of these Terms and Conditions including terminating or suspending this Promotion and extending the Promotion Period. Any such changes will be announced on our website or official Facebook page.
      3. 4.5.3. By participating in the Promotion, all participants:-
        1. consent for Watsons to collect, record, hold, store, use and disclose their personal information for purposes which are necessary or related to the participation in the Promotion; and
        2. consent for Watsons to disclose or publish their personal information such as their names and identities and any general information that Watsons sees fit about the participants in any media, marketing or advertising materials; and
        3. grant Watsons the absolute and unrestricted right to modify, use and publish any still or moving images of the participants for any promotional, marketing, commercial or other related purpose, without any payment or compensation.


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